Start selling your steel online

How does it work?

The concept is very similar to Uber. Mr Beam is a platform connecting Clients with steel fabricators.

The Client places an order on During checkout, the Client specifies their delivery postcode or preferred collection area to see a list of available steel fabricators.

Once the order is placed & paid, the steel fabricator chosen during checkout (e.g. your company) will receive an email notification with all the information needed to fabricate and fulfil the order.

The fabrication partner then delivers the goods on a specified delivery date or the Client collects the steel directly from the fabricator’s workshop.

Basic terms:

  • Once the order is placed on Mr Beam and you have been chosen as a fabrication partner, you will be responsible for fabricating and delivering (or making ready for collection) the steel as per order details. You can contact the Client directly if required.
  • We charge a percentage of each order net value that you receive through Mr Beam
  • Joining Mr Beam is currently free – no additional implementation costs!

Becoming a fabrication partner

If you’d like to join Mr Beam as a fabrication partner send us an email to or fill the form below and we will set you up in the system within 1-2 weeks

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